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May 13, 2017 Through November

Asprocolas Acres at the Scotch Plains Farmers' Market

Asprocolas Acres

Fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers

We are a family owned and operated farm. We sell fresh Jersey produce at our markets. We strive to make our customers feel like a part of our business and appreciate all the Loyalty they give us.

Asprocolas Acres
Backiel’s Lithuanian Bakery at the Scotch Plains Farmers' Market

Backiel’s Lithuanian Bakery

Three generations of family create these Artisan-crafted breads and cakes

Backiel's baked goods

131 Inslee Place
Elizabeth, NJ 07206
Bang Me at the Scotch Plains Farmer's market

Bang Me Bakery Logo

Bang Cookies

We bake awesome cookies that are hand-rolled and made in small batches.

Pure ingredients.
Organic or natural ingredients, european butter, belgium chocolates

Bang Cookies
Corner-Copia at the Scotch Plains Farmers' Market


Corner-Copia is the home of farm-fresh produce grown in New Jersey and the surrounding region, including on our East Windsor farm

299 Princeton Hightstown Road
East Windsor, NJ 08520
esters treats

Ester’s Treats

Organic, all-natural, mostly vegan bakery. Homestyle baked goods with a healthy twist using hearty, healthy, local ingredients.

Ester's Treats
Springfield, NJ

Florence Ravioli Company

Florence and her husband Raphael emigrated from Italy to Newark, NJ in the early 1920’s.  Florence began making her now famous rectangular ravioli in 1941 for her sister Vincenza Agnellino’s restaurant, The Reservoir Restaurant, now located in South Orange, NJ.  With the growing success of her pasta she and her husband decided to venture out on their own and opened  Florence Ravioli Company in May 1943 at 400 South 10th Street in Newark, NJ.   Florence used her tried and true family recipes for ravioli and cavatelli which she and her husband sold alongside various grocery and Italian specialty items.  After eight years of making her famous rectangular ravioli by hand Florence and Raphael purchased their first custom-made ravioli machine which continued to make her signature rectangular raviolis.

After 25 years in Newark the business was brought to 1741 East 2nd Street in Scotch Plains, NJ by their son Anthony Losanno and his wife Maryann.  Anthony and Maryann continued the business while adding some additional delicious items to their menu.  Maryann began cooking heat-and-serve dinners for two using her and Anthony’s family recipes which quickly became a success and staple to numerous local families’ dinner tables.  The line of fresh pasta also expanded to include homemade fettuccine, spaghetti, and tortellini.  Anthony also introduced his family recipes for delicious meatballs (using John’s Meat Market’s prime beef) and signature marinara sauce.    Anthony and Maryann also sold various artisan Italian breads and rolls from three bakeries in Plainfield, NJ, Bayonne, NJ and Newark, NJ. 

In 1980, Anthony and Maryann’s son, Ralph and his wife Cyndy, joined the family business working alongside Anthony and Maryann.  In 1991 Ralph and Cyndy took over continuing the family legacy for a third generation.  Ralph and Cyndy introduced their loyal patrons to their made fresh mozzarella and ricotta cheeses, as well as, famous stromboli, new ravioli flavors and additional heat-and-serve dinners. 

Working alongside Ralph and Cyndy until Anthony’s retirement has been cousin, Mary Totten.  The business continues its success of over 69 years with the assistance of their sons Anthony and Ralph, Jr.   Florence Ravioli continues to change with their growing clientele by introducing new items each year while staying true to their passion for producing wholesome, delicious, high-quality food just as Florence did when she opened the doors in 1943.

391 Park Avenue
Scotch Plains
Gourmet Nuts and Dried Fruits, LLC

Gourmet Nuts & Dried Fruits,LLC

We sell a variety of nuts, seeds, dry mixes, dried fruits mixes, brittles and dried fruits. We are going into our 5th season and participate in approx. 40 farmers markets. You can also find us in corp. buildings, hospitals, events, deli's, gourmet shops and more. We customize trays starting @ $25 and up and sell wholesale and retail.

Gourmet Nuts & Dried Fruit LLC
973-701-1743 Fax
201-966-8823 Cell
happy bite French macaroons

Happy Bite

Stefans Polish Specialties at the Scotch Piains Farmers' Market

Stefan's Pure Blends

A mom & pop shop turned farmers market fixture, Stefan’s Pure Blends has positioned itself as a unique specialty vendor in local markets across Northern New Jersey for the past eight years. We offer traditional Polish comfort food that is sure to give your babcia’s a run for her money (or at least be a close second). From handmade pierogi to naturally smoked kielbasa, everything we sell, we make fresh each week with recipes that have been in the Bochna Family for generations.

Live, Love Granola at the scotch plains farmers market

Live, Love, Granola

We tried just about every granola on the market in pursuit of a healthy, yet delicious snack. We began making our own after many disappointing encounters with the store-bought varieties. Once we had our own blend, we couldn’t get enough of it! After many rave reviews and recipe requests, we decided to share our granola with the world! It’s simply natural, simply healthy, and simply delicious.

Our dedication to providing healthy and wholesome snacks means that our granola is made with only 100% natural ingredients, and is preservative-free. We start with the basics… organic rolled oats, almonds, organic honey and organic unsweetened coconut, creating a crunchy treat with a hint of sweetness. Our products never contain any gluten/wheat ingredients.

A few of our best selling flavors up close and personal:

Mia's Lemonade

Mia's Lemonade Stand

Mia M. is the founder of Mia’s Lemonade stand. Mia is a young old girl with an entrepreneurial spirit. She has big goals for herself and big goals for the path in which she’s taking to achieve them.

In the summer of 2014 she created a Rainbow Loom bracelet stand. She set this stand up during Darby Road’s World Cup event. She sold Rainbow Loom bracelets in the colors of the team flags. All of her earnings were donated to her school.

In the summer of 2015, she created Mia’s Lemonade Stand. She set up in front of her father’s restaurant as well as in front of her school’s church after all of the masses on Sundays. That year she also donated all of her earnings to her school.

Her drive to start a business is rooted in her desire to support the school she loves. This year, her father helped her take her lemonade stand to the next level. She will be set up in the Scotch Plains Farmer’s Market every Saturday, serving you organic lemonade to quench your thirst, inspire you to do what you love and to always give back!

Mia dreams of attending Yale University someday. Here’s to big dreaming!

Scotch Plains Farmers Market

Ort Farms

Ort Farms is a family owned farm located in Long Valley, NJ. The Ort Family works hard to bring their customers the best quality. Ort Farms offers seasonal products, plants, fruits and vegetables
Ort Farms at the Scotch Plains Farmers' Market


Patricia & Paul Artisans of Fine Oils and Balsamics is one of the most innovative new stores to open in Westfield attracting food lovers and the health conscious from all around the tri-state area. Featuring over 45 varieties of both Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and Balsamics that are available daily for you to taste and see the difference. Patricia and Paul have made it their top priority to not... only provide a delicious product but all of their EVOO has been Ultra-Premium (UP) Certified which identifies that their oil is held to a higher standard to ensure the delivery of the nutritional value and superior health benefiting properties inherent in fresh olive oil.

In addition to the best EVOO and Balsamics available Patricia & Paul offers an abundant array of specialty pesto, pasta, teas, salts, Italian Linen, imported Spanish pottery, fruit spreads and wonderful cookbooks that all make for the perfect gift for friends, family, and business associates.

Scotch Plains Farmers Market

Pickle Licious

Pickle Licious is a small mom & pop company located in Teaneck New Jersey, run by Robyn, Ray, and two daughters Alex & Taylor. Robyn “The Pickle Lady” has been in the Pickle business for over twenty two years, doing farmers’ markets along with street fairs and festivals in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Recently voted best Pickles, Olives and Hummus by Bergen Health & Life magazine in 2013; Pickle Licious specializes in pickles, olives, tapenades, hummus, and all things pickled. We are also famous for our pickle-on-a-stick which is loved by customers of all ages!

384 Cedar Lane
Teaneck, NJ 07666
Store: 201-833-0100
Office: 201-457-0500
Scotch Plains Farmers Market

Stella's Empanadas

On your visit to Stella's Empanadas you’ll have the opportunity to discover the secrets and mysteries which Stella has preserved in her kitchens for years. Stella has maintained the traditions and customs of past generations. Using old fashion techniques to maintain the flavor and quality of empanadas, burgers and steaks which will delight your palate. Stella uses combinations of fresh herbs, spices, champagnes, wines, and fruits which give the perfect touch to burgers, steaks, soups and sauces. Stella's Empanadas features Argentinean cuisine with a global influence, resulting in a comforting delectable and unique experience. Stella's specialties include grilled meats that Argentina is famous for, Argentine Empanadas, freshly made burgers and sandwiches. Come and enjoy the ultimate "Family" experience.

STELLAS EMPANADAS - tender dough that tends to soak up the flavor of the beef/chicken/corn/spinach filling & more...with Stella’s special Argentine seasoning. Stellas “empanadas argentinas” —are undoubtedly one of New Jersey’s top purveyors of this South American specialty.

615 Elm Street
Kearny, NJ 07032
201-955-FOOD or
Tassot Apiaries at the Scotch Plains Farmers Market

Tassot Apiaries

Tassot Apiaries, Inc., a family-run business located in Hunterdon County, manages bee hives on many parcels of land throughout New Jersey. We specialize in raw, chemical free, high quality honey and bee products, and while not certified organic, our honey is comparable. Our long-lasting, pure beeswax candles have the delicious light aroma of honey and our handcrafted, natural soaps are offered in various natural fragrances. Our products are sold at our honey bee farm and several farmers’ markets. They are also available through a network of retailers.

Tassot Apiaries, Inc.
Buzzing Acres Farm
54 Rick Road
Milford, NJ 08848
(908) 264-4504

villa millagro

Villa Milagro Vineyards

Villa Milagro Vineyards uses sustainable practices and minimal inputs to provide a protective habitat for native species of birds, plants and wildlife, as well as to grow grapes using pesticides and herbicides that are approved for organic use.

Located along the Delaware River, in the Warren Hills Appellation, its breathtaking views earn its name “House of Miracles.”

Our ten varieties of grapes are blended to express the best of each variety, creating complex and interesting wines. Come visit and experience the miracle of our hacienda – Villa Milagro.

Whistling Wold Farmat the Scotch Plains Farmer's market

whistling wolf farms logo

Whistling Wolf Farm

We are entering our fourth growing season. We have put in our application for organic certification with the New Jersey Department of Agriculture!!! Soon we will be inspected, and if all goes well, as we hope, we will be certified! We offer vegetables, melon, herbs, and flowers. ​

Whistling Wolf Farm was born of a love for tangible work and a desire to make a positive contribution to the world. We are committed to the health of the land and to the people, animals, and plants that rely on it to survive. In that spirit, we have dedicated ourselves to making fresh, flavorful, sustainably grown vegetables, herbs, and flowers available to all members of our community, while preserving habitat and resources for our wild counterparts.

The farm is leasing five acres in the lovely Pittstown, located in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. We are grow on approximately three. We feel quite grateful to have found such fertile land, owned by such supportive lessors.

In the upcoming season, we will be growing vegetables, melon, herbs, and cut flowers. Some of the items that we are most excited about include garlic, ginger, potatoes, and delicious tender greens. For a full produce list visit the 'What We Offer' page.

It is with high hopes and great anticipation that we embark on the upcoming year!

Jersey Fresh

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